Beware of imitations and Buy Hirbawi Keffiyehs from our official partners

Not only has the genuine Keffiyeh industry in Palestine been damaged by foreign imitations, forcing other factories to close down but today it is also threatened by some sellers, in Palestine and online, who claim their scarves were made in Palestine or to be "Hirbawi scarves" while, in reality, they were produced in China or in India. We therefore decided to register the Hirbawi trademark with the aim of combatting counterfeiting.


We kindly ask you only to buy from our official partners to be sure that you are in fact buying our buying our Keffiyehs, genuine Palestinian scarves made in Palestine by Palestinians


Official factory shop. Ships worldwide from the EU:



Additionally we have partners in these countries, who store and ship locally:






Australia and Aotearoa:




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If you are in Palestine, please pay us a visit: Hirbawi Textile Factory, Habayel El-Riyah, Hebron, Palestine



Do you want to be an official Hirbawi reseller? Please contact us.